mercredi 6 août 2014


20 live des sixties

 James Brown "Appolo" (1963)

Bo Diddley  "Bo Diddley's Beach Party" 1963

Jerry Lee Lewis "Star club " (1964)

BB King "live at the Regal "(1964)

the Yardbirds "five live Yardbirds" (1964)

Ray Charles "live in concert" (1964)

Airplane "Fillmore" (1966)

Jimi Hendrix "Jimi plays Monterrey " (1968)

 Buddy Guy "This is Buddy Guy" 1968

Cream "Wheels of fire" (1968)

Janis Joplin "live at the Carousel Ballroom" (1968)

Elvis Presley "comeback special" (1968)

Johnny Cash "Folsom prison" (1968)

Johnny Cash "St Quentin" (1969)

Grateful Dead "live dead" (1969)

Pink Floyd "Ummaguma " (1969)

John Mayall "the turning point" (1969) et "moving on" et "jazz blues fusion" (1972)

Quicksilver Messenger Service "Happy trails " (1969)

MC5 "kick out the jams" (1969)

Plastic ono band (1969)

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